Juzo 2001 Soft Knee High Stocking w/ Silicone Border

  • Compression Strength: 20-30 mmHg
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Opaque knit, virtually inconspicuous

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Detailed Product Description

Our softest compression stocking! Knitted with love and care, these smooth-knit stockings are so soft and inconspicuous you'll forget you're wearing them. The best stocking for everyday wear.


Compression Strength 20-30 mmHg
Gender Unisex


Machine wash and dry
Opaque knit, virtually inconspicuous
Please see SIZE CHART for correct sizing information

Supporting Documents

Juzo-2001ADFFSB10-I Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB10-II Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB10-III Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB10-IV Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB10-V Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB14-I Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB14-II Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB14-III Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB14-IV Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB14-V Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB53-I Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB53-II Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB53-III Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB53-IV Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB53-V Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB57-I Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB57-II Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB57-III Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB57-IV Size Chart
Juzo-2001ADFFSB57-V Size Chart